Tuesday, June 10, 2008

3G iPhone

Well Me Jobs what have you pulled out from your bottomless sleeve this year? Well we have a 3G iPhone complete with GPS so instead of going out and buying an inferior Tom Tom just get one of these. So there really isn't much to say but it is going to be about £100 which is much cheaper than the slower and much inferior first generation iPhone.

Furthermore this time round companies providing mobile phone plans will be allowed to subsidise the costs of the phone but this will be accompanied by expensive plans (in the US they are £15 - $30) while here the costs of the plans will probably be double. I have not seen the new iPhone yet but will do soon.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

New iPhone...

Well it looks like the time will be upon us soon when the new iPhone will be unveiled and as usual the boss of the Apple Corporation, Steve Jobs, will give one of his enthusiastic demonstrations and show his red hot passion for his new money making device.

In a side note Apple will allow companies selling iPhones to subsidise the cost so that people on a contract for £35 a month will be able to pick up an iPhone from o2 for the small sum of £100. Which in comparison to the first gen iPhone is much cheaper and a step forward.

Continuing on the iPhone vein Apple is going to open up and allow third party applications run on the iPhone. I say it took then long enough but then again it is just a headline grabbing exercise to build up hype for the new iPhone.

Finally the one feature which had been predicted on the day the first gen iPhone was released is (drum roll please): a 3G enabled iPhone.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

iPhone arrives UK

Well some people were queuing up well over 24 hours in advance for arguably just a small slab of metal and glass. But making no mistake across the country exactly at 6.02pm all stores nationwide opened to start selling.

I myself made a trip to town, not exclusively to see the iPhone, but to go and get my phone unlocked and pick up some reserved books which had come into the store. Waiting for my phone to be unlocked, I glanced at the O2shop and I couldn't help notice the massive iPhone posters and in the centre there was a block with four iPhones there for testing.

I had fifteen minutes while my phone was being unlocked, all the hype and reviews, I thought why not just have a look. Talking to the assistants who just talked to me about the phones features while I browsed through them. While messaging, my fingers, although not that big did sometimes hit the wrong letter which I thought may have been due to me partly quickly going through the phones features.

The YouTube button on the main screen led me to a list of videos, while watching part of a video I then clicked the button at the bottom to return to the home screen. I do quite like the glassy shades and the overall effect which is given. Overall a very good phone but it is for me (not being part of the cult-of-Mac following) too expensive; coupled with the contract which must be purchased I am standing away from this.

Moving on maybe in a years time when a new version is released, with many more features and capabilities I may purchase. Looking at the price drop which occurred in America just a mere two months after release of the iPhone, I predict that the same step will not be taken so soon in the UK but I do feel that the iPhone will be dropped in price in about four months time, maybe April or May.

Friday, September 07, 2007

iPhone Boss: iSorry

The price of the iPhone has been dropped jaw-droppingly from $599 to a mere $399 just two months after the iPhones initial release. This no doubt has made the blood boil of the iPhones early customers. So therefore Steve Jobs has apologised in an open letter and has chosen to give people who bought the iPhone from either AT&T or directly from Apple will get a $100 store credit which can be used for any product at Apple in-store or online.

To be honest I really am not complaining because the prices is edging rather quickly. For me if after only two months there has been a 33% price drop then in a years time I can foresee the price coming down as fast as a ball rolling down a hill.

Also another point of view from me is that Jobs sales must have dropped after the initial techno-addicted people who just had to have it; so to attract more people he has had to force his hand instead of seeing a period of low sales.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Nintendo DS winner

Well we all know how Pokemon games just sell like hot cakes; so there is no doubt that they will be served flaming hot with the huge sales of Nintendo DS's. The upsurge of people buying the console from Nintendo and the upsurge from Pokemon fans buying the console to then in turn to buy the Pokemon Diamond game (to name but one) has seen the profit margins for Nintendo increase.

Around the world there is a large culture evolved which is to play Pokemon games; so Nintendo and Pokemon go hand in hand creating a relationship which many dream of having.