Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Nokia E90 Communicator

This is the good-looking Nokia E90 Communicator which got its official launch today at 3GSM. And it’s as good looking an ‘all-in one’ business device as you’ll get.

Key features include Quad band, GSM, HSDPA and WiFi. It sports a 3.2MP camera with auto-focus and flash as well as a second VGA camera on the inside for video calls. The big display is also a plus by allowing you to view the full width of Web pages and the keypad looks like it can be used by people with fingers larger than a 4-year old.

There’s also an FM radio, video player and MP3 functionality, a handy mini-USB slot for easier hook-ups and don’t forget Nokia Maps for making sure corporate jet-setters can find their way safely from the hotel to the lap-dancing bar and back. Due out in Q2.

The unsubsidised price is around £500 which is quite a bombshell but I expect there will be an influx of demand for these on contract. My uncle who is a driving instructor bases his business around the Communicator 9500 which is vital for his self run business thanks to the organiser feature and video playing capabilities; so there is no doubt that this sounds a cut even above that.

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